Capital Budget Miracle Valley Ibereko, Badagry Lagos


Project completion cost is  N19,000,000.

Ibereko Badagry Project site:
Breakdown of Project :

  1. Amount required to complete the primary school building  N2,000,000.
  2. Amount required for the secondary school and Skills centre building is :

(a) from foundation to decking  N2,500,000
Decking   N4,000,000

                 Totally The to decking N6,500,000.

(b) block work to roofing/pillars N2, 500,000
(c) roofing to ceiling before  finish  N3,500,000
Sub – total to roofing after decking N6,000,000.

(d)  finishing if building after roofing N4,500,000.
Total cost to finishing
N6,500,000 + 6,000,000 + N4,500,000  = 17,000,000.

Completion of primary school block   N2, 000,000

Total for Badagry project centre  N19,000,000.

This is the breakdown of the total amount of the centre which is N19 million.
This is the five year budget of the centre and can be taken separately.

This description following and the pictures that are annexed herewith,  highlight our experience at Miracle Valley Project site at Ibereko , Badagry along the Badagry/ Lagos expressway , Badagry   Lagos State, Nigeria.





Primary school classroom block under construction

Inner view of the building

Our experience,  counting on the nature of education in our country and the product of our schools made us to think of a better way of adding value in our youths after school.

This has necessitated us to model our schools to have the three in one structure at all our school locations in Nigeria. So at Ibereko Centre in Lagos State,  we have started the primary school and you can see the few children at early school age. The number has been limited by the fact that we need more classrooms.

This site will have a comprehensive college  and a Skills Acquisition Institute. Children from our primary school and others from the locality will find admission to the college wing and the Skills section.

Our objective :  Children in the college wing will take up at least a craft from the Skills Institute in the same premises. We will teach entrepreneurship as one extracurricular subject to prepare the minds of the children in respect of those who might want to take up self employment after this secondary studies.

There will be  qualifying examination at the schools. Those who undertake the college studies will write the WAEC/NECO examinations at the final year of their studies . Those at Skills Institute will write the NTC Examination of National Business And Technical Examinations Board  ( NABTEB).  This course offers an alternative to the City and Guilds of London Examinations . These certificates qualify our graduates to undertake  university education for various studies.

We have the experience to go about these projects jn Badagry , which is a rural area in Lagos metropolis. It is part of the total driving force in Miracle Valley, to stop as much as possible, the rural urban migration of youths, who do not have skills for moving to the urban centres looking for jobs that do not exist.

The land at this site and development funds so far are donated by the founders (the undersigned), as part of their commitment to support human development in Nigeria . But the main constraint we have now are  funds to make this project come to realisation at the shortest possible moment. At the background of this Ibereko Centre, is a foundation of the building that will house the college and the Skills Institute. The primary education section is already in place and we need to put in the remaining sections infront as shown in the pictures to complete the classrooms for up to primary six.

The storey building coming up at the background, ( foundation has been done),  will have enough classrooms space for  the college  and Skills Institute,   when completed. We are expecting to do enough work here with the sum of N12,000,000.  But our personal resources are already limited. May God bless yòu who voluntarily wishes to come to leverage our hands to provide this much needed education for the youths in  this locality. The breakdown of this financial need  will be provided on request.

Thank you.

Rev. (Dr.) Prof. P . C .  Nnaocha.
Rector/Dean Miracle Valley Schools