Miracle Valley Project COVENANT BETHEL , UMUELE. aka Miracle Valley Private School, Umuele.

Front view of Miracle Valley Private School, Covenant Bethel Umuele


This centre is the headquarters of Miracle Valley in Nigeria. The gathering of children from ages of two and three started at this venue in September 2001. It is from this venue that “train the child”, spread to other centres of Miracle Valley  in Nigeria.

Our website carries a lot about our background and in no way should this write-up be seen as a duplication.

We have passed out many children, who went to other secondary schools before we started our own secondary school in October 2016. Some of those children who began with us 2001,  are now in some universities. Miracle Valley project at Umuele called “Covenant Bethel” is a Covenant Building.

The campus has a large hall with galleries capable of hosting 500 children on conferences or examinations. There are 10 medium classrooms, a creche house,  a library and a computer centre at the background of this  main building.

Due to some challenges we have currently  130 pupils in the school and it  is an approved school by Imo State Government. We have a convenient capacity for 350 pupils. Miracle Valley Private School Covenant Bethel,  is about three kilometres away from Miracle Valley Conference Centre and Schools and  as a result this location will be developed as a Grade A primary school only. Grade A denotes highly integrated  centre for advanced primary learning.


The completion will make the area more attractive and solid doors and windows will protect our equipments from vandals. The computers at this centre were burgled in 2014 and we need to reinforce our doors and windows and step up security. We will be better prepared to teach the children and  make our examination / conference hall better prepared for its  purpose. Our computer education will be on course and our equipments in the library and play systems for the children in the creche house,  will be better secured.

Our centre is open to inspection and we are not a profit motivated  organisation, but we  have a central focus of bringing up Godly and successful children in our  evangelism crusade to save the lost  worldwide.

Thank you and God bless you as you share this burden with us.

Note  that every gift to Miracle Valley,  no matter how small, is appreciated accounted for always and put into maximum use.

We thank you for your support. Your labour will not be in vain. GOD bless you.

Many thanks.

Rev. Dr. ( Prof. ) P.  C.  Nnaocha.
Rector/Dean, Miracle Valley Schools.