Our Vision/Mission

Miracle Valley Vision / Mission.

Miracle Valley Gospel Ministries believes in tripodal gospel as a main agenda.

What is the meaning of tripodal gospel. The epistle of 3John 2,  while speaking to Gaius ,  encouraged  him by saying that he may prosper in all things and be in good health  as his  soul prospereth. In the tripodal gospel we work through prayer and teaching to  lead the world  and essentially children to grow into three levels of prosperity which are  :

1) Soul Salvation,

2) Material Salvation ( meeting material needs; and

3) Body Salvation (health); people who obey God would rid themselves of harmful lifestyles.

We are  however, prosperity teachers in a heavenly dimension.

These three aspects of our vision,  support,our mission goals  and objectives  and  the highest of them in our priority list is soul salvation.  In pursuing these  ideals, we set up institutions to combine academic  education with  skills acquisition centres and seminary education.

Thus we have arrived at the  “safe child project” where  the children are brought up in godliness through the knowledge of God , while in pursuit of physical life affairs. It is obvious that children brought up with  this clarion call,  become good citizens of both heaven and earth. We also believe strongly that mentored children  will be mentors to many of their age grades, who would  in the long run produce adults, who would  lead the world through godliness. While we do not aim at ridding the world of all evils, it is our faith in God that we will play our own role in populating the kingdom of God, which is the ultimate mission of Miracle Valley Gospel Ministries.