Why Choose Us


You may discover we have touched your heart in the kind of,things you have the desire to do.

If we share this same  same mindset  with you, then you will  have the desire  to partner with us to train children of our future generation in a safe child tripodal education project..We  have the mindset to equip children with skills to face the challenges of life and come up as self reliant  people.  Therefore our products will be boys and girls who have passion for one or more skills,  which might drive them to become entrepreneurs  a self- reliant  people in a current world of diminishing white collar jobs.

We have the capacity to do this , working with a collection of men and women who have passed through a combination of course modules, that make us different in what we project to achieve  in the life of the child..

Most educational institutions, teach academic and professional skills, but we have taken one or more steps to teach and mentor young people to seek the kingdom of God in all pursuits in life. We have instituted annual conferencing, to keep our inmates fully abreast  of matters of interest to  interface every day training, to make them become what they  desire for themselves.

Our world today is driving in an unsafe direction and if care is not taken we are gradually breeding a world of restive people in crimes and some attendant levels of immorality.

What  are you waiting for?  Where among our projects would you want to give your helping hand? Why not partner with us to achieve any of the goals set around us,  as specified by the projects?

We definitely depend on individuals , corporate organisations and most often NGOS that are child centred. Parents and governments are grappling with culturing their citizens,  but often after  spending so much, the desired  result is far fetched and this is because the correct salt was missing in the menu.