Our Five Part Agenda

Miracle Valley Gospel Ministries has a five part agenda as the engine which drives the entire Ministry. These are :

1) The Tracts, CD/DVD Ministry. With this agenda we publish tracts which we distribute manually and by internet to people irrespective of denomination for the sake of the kingdom.

2) The Journal Ministry . In this we publish gospel related articles, under the following heads per journal that is published. The pilot journal of the Ministry is “GOOD NEWS TO THE NATIONS”

The sections or content page of of the journal are:

i) My Neighbour

ii) Contextual Biblical Issues

iii) MVGM News.

iv) The Christian in Business.

v) The Home.

vi) Financial Management For Believers In Christ.

vii) Health Questions.

viii) Salvation Tit – Bits.

Miracle Valley accepts articles for this journal from good Christian authors of other denominations, which article(s) are considered holy spirit driven, and share our vision for molding Christian character in the content page.

3) Seminar Ministry : In this the Ministry carries out written seminars, for in-door and/or out-door seminars in the Department of Christian Education on non-denominational basis.

4) Books Ministry : There are some books published on many topics as christian education materials suitable for seminarians and the general public. These books are found to be ideal for our junior and senior seminarians.

5.) The Schools Ministry: We have schools running through many levels as follows :

i) Nursery/Primary education

ii) Secondary Education

iii) Vocal School or Skills Acquisition Institute.

iv) Theological Seminary ; and

v) Tutorial Schools For Secondary School Drop-outs.

These are the Five Part Agenda of Miracle Valley, springing up at five centres and at different levels of development.


Our Ministry coordinators and liaison officers will surely lead you to greater depth of understanding, about Miracle Valley Agenda.

Miracle Valley has a wide range of cooperation agreement , with members of the public with satisfactory Christian background.

It may please you to see how far you can partner with us to expand the outreach of Miracle Valley.