September 6, 2020


Are you aware of this? Some of these through blood shed and all forms of wickedness.

I greet all of you.

Christian brethren I welcome all of us to this first Sunday of September 2020. And being burdened I bring to you good news that God will avenge for those who are troubled. Even with trouble every where let us be courageous and continue in doing God’s will and we will celebrate victory for our various nations. God be with you. Amen.

Here is the encouragement to buttress God’s position from scriptures :

And Jesus said : “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” (John 14 :1)

The burden I have to speak is on happenings in this age.

God will come for vengeance as He had said ” Vengeance is mine ”

“If I whet my glittering sword, and mine hand take hold on judgment; I will render vengeance to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me.” (Deuteronomy 32 : 41).

Any man who does not obey God is an enemy of God. God says they hate Him.

This is the position of the Lord with regard to those who do evil. Too many oppressors , God is sidelined.

No matter who you are as long as you can sleep and wake up. know that, the life in you is not yours. You have been given life by God. Use that life to obey God. You may not recognise God or may not believe He exists.

But whether you know God or not will not change his judgement and wrath on the wicked. Let us endeavour to work out kindness.

You have to respect Him, with that life He has given you or He will take it back from you. God owes no man any apology , He the Almighty does nothing, wrong. He is the Almighty.

The life is not yours permanently. He will take it without warning and this is for them that do wickedly. Be careful.

I do not know who owns this strange message, but I know someone for whom it is directed will read it. May God have mercy.

Note the ongoing abominations:
No one tells the truth , even to himself. Even those who say they are God’s children have sold the altar of the Lord to strangers.

Even God’s servants in some quarters, have betrayed their Lord, so the people suffer as if no one is praying.

May God not shut the window of mercy in our land and other nations under the sun

They think their official position will keep them alive. No one can drive death away when it is on an attack, but the Lord only can save. Your position will not save you from the vengeance of the Lord.

This is prayer time for everybody whether you are poor or rich, whether you are leading the people or you are being led.

God is coming for vengeance across the whole world.

Men fear ebola, men fear lasa fever, men fear corona virus, as they call it, but no one fears God as they fear these evils.

I am out of station this moment where I received this burden and I am troubled by what is happening and God’s vengeance on the way..

God’s vengeance over evil is closing up.

No matter, God will judge the nations even our own country, but will spare His children by the blood of Jesus.

Our nation will not be saved from the powers of evil through millions of people, but only by the few sanctified by the Lord.

All of us have disgracefully sinned against the Lord. Power for money without righteousness, have overtaken this nation.

All we see is evil, and some carry charms for protection.

We cannot be cosmetic Christians or ordinary people without God, selling fellow human beings to the enemies of God. Our world cannot continue to be occupied by godless people.

Even those who don’t believe in the Almighty. should not say it does not concern them.

They do it craftily having taken blood oaths with the devil to mock the name of the Lord God Almighty.

They are building houses, which they will not live in. Some are acquiring wealth that someone else will spend.

They have forgotten that their life is vapour and they do not know when it will evaporate for what keeps men alive is not the bangles and bands of chains around them, but the giver of life does not count on bangles to keep life.

How many people does God need to fight in this world. For Gideon note, read this:

7:2 And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with thee are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved me.7:3 Now therefore go to, proclaim in the ears of the people, saying, Whosoever is fearful and afraid, let him return and depart early from mount Gilead. And there returned of the people twenty and two thousand; and there remained ten thousand.7:6 And the number of them that lapped, putting their hand to their mouth, were three hundred men: but all the rest of the people bowed down upon their knees to drink water.
(Judges 7 : 2, 3)

Read the whole of Judges Chapter 7.

God does not need large army to deliver a people. For Gideon he needed only 300 people.
God needs a few righteous people on their knees to deliver His people.

Pray and pray. Those praying may never gather to do this. God has an invisible army, Shalom.

This He spoke also to Gideon.
Let your heart not faint on the things happening in this world. God has said it “vengeance is mine”.

Today June 6th 2020.

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