December 12, 2021


Seek for favoured divine  visitation in your.life.

(1) God visited Noah

Genesis 6 : 5 – 7

God destroyed the first world in that visitation.

(2) God visited Abraham

Genesis 12: 1 – 3.

He was pronounced to be a blessing and a father of the nations.

(3) God visited the land of Sodom.

Genesis 19 : 24

Sodom and Gomorrah were consumed by fire.

(4) God visited Jacob

Gen. 28 : 11 – 20.

Gen. 32 : 24 – 30.

God blessed him and changed his name to Israel as we have it today.

(5) God visited Moses.

Exodus 3 : 2 – 10

This set up the extraction of Israel out of Egypt where they had lived in bondage for 400 years.

Length of time as we see it is of no essence before God. Human beings are finite beings on earth, but God is infinite. One thousand years are like a day before God who  may be counting  man’s life span in minutes while we count ours in years.

God establishes covenants in  His visitations.

May God visit our land.

This land is Nigeria.

May God visit your land.

This is  your nuclear habitation.

May God visit my land.

This is my personal occupation.

These three lands : our land. your land  and my land have wider dimensions which is not to be taken here.

God leaves a fundamental statement in  His visitations.

Note the specifics of these visitations:

– When God visited Noah we had the deluge which marked the end of the first world.

– When God  visited  Abraham He prounounced Abraham as the father of the nations and a blessing.

– When God visited Jacob He pronunced Him as Isrsel, which we have today. We know that the people of the Middle East keep roaring against them. but will never prevail. No man can annul the covenant of God.

– When God visited Sodom He declared the destruction of that land.

– When God visited Moses at Mount Sinai. He set up  the return of Israel to the promised land.


Every great move of God in this life  is established by God either for a person,. persons  or for any nation.

I believe  there are no accidents in the schemes of God   but there are  divine plans for good or evil in the works of men.

Check out the visitations given above. they all left fundamental landmarks in the history of men.

Those who worship God do not live by life accidents. but live by divine plan from birth, for good.

Let us pray that God will have a good plan for us.

Some are born as children  of sorrow. but could be changed through faith and holiness before God,  like the case of Jabez.

We must do good and pray to live a life that will  be establihed, as the earth remains in God’s scheme.


God has set a time to visit people or nations. This time Gid is visiting this world. So.many strange diseases  without concrete answers are ravaging this world.

We all are like blind men holding one trunk or the other of the elephant and describing  the part we see  from the point of our bkndness.

Every day what next is on the increase Longevity  is reducing.  but people do not know what is on and what will be next.

God will keep sending relief and while 2022,  will be coming with its problems, God of the latter rain will keep His people afloat. May His mercy  be over us Amen.

May God be for us in His visitation.

Miracle Valley Sermon 12  December, 2022.

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