September 8, 2021


Theme : Anything you love and worship has become a god to you.

The worst that can happen to a man is to be hated by His creator. God hated Esau and you can see how he sumersaulted from princehood to slavedom.

If God hates a person,  it is better for the person to disappear from this earth rather than going about speaking  big, enjoying what ever he  thinks he is enjoying. It could be fool hardy to  think to be  great in this way.

The message

20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

20:6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. (Exodus 20 : 5 – 6).

God hates idol worshippers. These  are people who have converted the works of their hands as their god and began to serve and worship them  and give to them the glory that belongs to their creator.

Idol worshippers  serve demons through the medium they have elevated as their god. They operate to do evil using the spirits, which they adore, which serve as  their messengers of evil.

All ritualists and cult people of various  evil dimensions, are enemies of God, and the Lord  says He will visit their iniquities upon  their generation for three to four hundred years.

Those of their generation however, who run to the Lord to keep sound faith shall be excepted.

Read Ezekiel 18 : 1 to the end.

God has made provision for the salvation  all people out of His love.

Many people feel they can do anything they like and nothing will happen. The Bible quotation above  tells us  that something will happen from the schemes of God.

It does not end in God dealing with the generation of His enemies, but there is also  hell fire for the fathers, who have misled their generation.

There are several hateful things which cause God will rise against  humanity.

Idol worshippers will not escape the following lifestyles :

immorality, murder, covetousness, lies, and any possible sins. They succeed when they do highly resentful sins. Wicked people accumulate sins as stock in trade. The bigger their wicked acts, the higher satan annoonts them for greater evils. They enjoy such acts.

Anything any man worships is an idol. Some drimk and get drunk , it has become an idol, because they love it more than God.

Some love food and have become gluttons. They can do anthing  to eat food  Food has become an idol and they worship food.

Some men love women and some woman love men  and worship sex, they have made sex  a god . They can do anything to have sex.

Some love chattels: houses, cars, jewelry, clothes and the like. It means everything to them. They can accumulate them, even at the expense of life.

A man was told by his doctor that he was going to die soon and he screamed: my wives, cars , houses and my money. Those things were the things he loved. He never called God at that point of desperation.

There is nothing bad in having good things but they should not occupy the place of God in our hearts. If that becomes the case those things have become a god to us.

Note this that God should be cherished above all and anything we do which is not done as a process in pleasing God has become an idol and will not give us the chance to serve God in purity.

Godliness will help men run away from God  hating them.

119:104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. (Psalm 119 : 104).

This is the case of David. We must have understanding as a way out, when guided by the laws and  precepts of God. Many for what they will eat or the pleasures they drive for, have taken up hurtful habits. If a man is hated by his creator, what then is the purpose of living.

Several people have covered their painful experiences, due to the evil they do with big “agwada”, call that “agwada” the  extended and overflowing garments. We can cover the body, but we can not cover suffering , it must be revealed. We can cover what we do, but cannot hide them from God.

To say there is no God, who is to be feared, is self deception. People who say there is no God worship idols of many dimensions.

It  is easy to say there is no God and that  is the way of fools, who do this  to comfort themselves from the torments of conscience.

To say there is no death is self deceit, because such people are dieing  gradually each day,  they know it, but pretend instead of seeking healing from God. They deny God and  keep self deceit. There is nothing a man may have which will deliver him on a fateful day. We must remain prayerful because fateful days are unknown not even so  to the men of the under world.

He that covereth his sins shall not prosper, but he that confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

God is waiting for you to come and He will receive you.

(1) Take the step of faith to Jesus.

(2) Ask for forgiveness.

(3) Throw away your idols and various things which you hold as being higher than God.

(4) Begin to live a  sin  free life through obedience  to God and He  will restore you to himself.

Do not by your life pattern be branded by God Himself that  you are His enemy. It is better for a hunan being to call you an enemy than God to say you are one.

To do evil and cover it with lies is an abomination. David said :

“I hate and abhor lying: but thy law do I love.” (Psalm 119 :163)

It is better to chose to do the will of God, because in Exodus 20 : 6,  God says He is showing mercies to thousands that love Him.

Do not throw away this message because it is not a popular voice from them who will tell you it does not matter. They can mislead you, but cannot take your pains.


Lord I cannot afford to be your enemy. I come to you. Receive me and wash me, with the blood of Jesus Amen.

Sermon from Miracle Valley Gospel Ministries.


Website : www,mvgmng.org.