June 12, 2020


Miracle Valley first Sunday, June, 7th 2020.
This sermon essentially on leadership, will draw from God centred leadership, and not from the leaders like Machiavelli ( whose major diplomacy was based on elimination of opponents), or to some contemporary autocrats et-l, who have done great havoc in the lives of different classes of humanity across the world. We will not lean on such leadership styles.

We shall learn from :
Many go to different schools to learn the arts of leadership covering such aspects as intrigues, to such fine areas as using people to do things rightly, for the general good of all.
So we have leaders trained for industry, or the government, and the church of God.
All these cover wide range of training in each of the areas, to bring benefits to those found in the groups listed, whether the government, industry or the church.

Thus going by these explanations we can define leaders as those who lead, while others follow through their directing, organising, delegating and motivating in a collective work group to make progress.
But, brethren I will be talking of leaders appointed by God, so these people may never have attended a “management school”, but will undoubtedly have learnt from God, those things, often not written down today, in any known book, both in the theological , political or the management science.
How amazing could this leader and his style be?
The way God will lead His anointed, in any situation, is what makes up for leadership, and flows directly from God’s throne and for that purpose you need not go to any book or search for a reference. The only reference God’s leader may fall back to, is the Holy Scriptures.
I know we need to hear God speak to us, but we could be too busy to hear Him and this might take us to a very long distance, to do what He has spoken and wants us to do. Help oh! Lord.
Most times God’s generals do not pray for a specific answer, but may go to residual knowlege of how past issues, were resolved, essentiaally, that is good also, but might be inapplicable in the circumstance at hand.
The lifestyles of these God appointed leaders we shall mention, remain exemplary and different. So let us take a trip into the following generals of God, their ways, beliefs and their services to God.
All about them will not be said and quotations may not come but you can search Bible books mentioned.
From what you will note, God appoints His leaders. When they disobey Him He deals with them and rewards them when they obey. He guides them and defends them.
Worldly leaders reward themselves, some do not refer to God so they are architects of their destiny.
1. The Case Of The Early Apostles.
6:2 Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables.6:3 Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. (Acts 6 : 2 – 3)
The criteria to be used to select leaders were as given above, chose men of :
1. honest report.
2. Full of the Holy Ghost,
3. Full of wisdom.
The seven selected qualified to do the administration work of the early church. They did not seek educated people. The three qualifications were essential, and (2) and (3) above were directly from God. If you go through records after scriptures, Philip was in the wilderness to baptise the the Ethiopian Eunuch, and Stephen was so great in Evangelism and became the first martyr of the early Church.
2. For Solomon To Reign Over Israel.
When Solomon became the king over Israel, to succeed David, his father Solomon, prayed that God should give him the wisdom to rule a great nation as Israel.
God gave him great wisdom to rule Israel. Sometimes rulers fail due to disobedience . He married heathen wives with their foreign gods and built temples for those gods and also worshipped, the gods of the Sidonians (Baal and Ashtoreth).
The records are in the books of Chronicles and Kings.
Before he went into heresy (backsliding), he had written the books of Proverbs, some Psalms, the book of Ecclessiastes and the book of Songs. Solomon is recorded as the wisest man, who ever lived. From which books did he learn from.

3. For David To Be A Crown Prince.
David was ordained by Samuel and the Spirit of God came upon him. Thereafter he made great exploits in the land , killed Goliath, and also led Israel to many victories.
Read the book of Samuel and Kings.
Nothsthanding some failures, God forgave him and used him, because he had a humble spirit. Leaders must have humble hearts.

4. Moses : He served in the palace of Pharoah for forty years and learnt the arts of the Egyptian writing and the skills he needed to be another Pharoah. He preferred to be a leader in Israel than Egypt.
He served under Jethro for forty years to learn shepherding.
Finally he served His people for forty years in the wilderness to take them to the promised land.
Because God called him He was successful.
Read the book of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

5. Esther. The book of Esther, reading from all the chapters show how God leads the humble. Esther was disciplined, his uncle prefered to worship God than man. You can see how a slave girl, became the Queen in a foreign land and how Mordecai prevailed over his enemy HAMAN to become a governor in Assyria.
God works with a consistent principle, to bless or to lead those who believe and trust in His leadership.

If you love to be a leader, note that unless God blesses you with the necessary power and skill, you my definitely gravitate to nothing, no matter how you struggle.
Those mentioned above all suffered, but prevailed. Not to talk of Daniel, who was thrown into the lions’ den, but he came out victorious, to lead in a higher dimension.
Miracle ValleySermon 7th June 2020.

May God grant unto you the power to be a great leader, an unbending personality, in the things He will direct you do.

Miracle Valley Sermons, June 7th , 2020.
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