The Mystery of Suffering

December 12, 2022

The Mystery of Suffering

All over the world people are suffering or going through one problem or the other. Many are sick and many die. Some are poor even after working hard.

In all these the mystery of suffering remains clouded and beyond visibility. Not all those who are suffering are due to their sin.

Some are dieing not that they have sinned but that God’s name be glorified.

Some suffer for righteous cause, but  may never be known. Because we may never know all the causes of suffering , the troubled man needs comforting words.

We will draw this sermon from the life of Job. You can get to to read more details in the book titled ” The Review Of The Book  Of Job”, by Rev. Prof. Paul Chukwukere Nnaocha.

When Job was incacerated from the ploy of Satan, to test his faithfulness  Job concluded by saying:

1:21….. Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.1:22 In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly. (Job 1 : 21)

The wife said to him curse God and die.

Read Job 2 : 9 – 10).

The friends lacked comforting minds and berated him . One of them said he did not suffer up to he  deserved.

Job called these friends miserable comforters (Job 16 : 2).

A miserable comforter is one who has come to  comfort  the suffering, but rather adding injury to the mind of the suffering man.

It is difficult to know why some one is suffering unless it is revealed or those who are near by,  have a glimpse of cause and effect

Job called his friends miserable comforters ( Job 16 : 2).

Job perceived he did not err and God asked him some questions to test his foreknowledge.

Reading from Job Chapter 38, to  Job Chapter 42 in sections , these questions are beyond man.

In other words whether he feels right or wrong about the causative factors  of his  suffering, he cannot pronounce himself righteous.

Look at the following quotations:

Job 38 : 12, 38 : 19 – 21:

(i) 38:12 Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place;

(ii) 38:19 Where is the way where light dwelleth? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof,

38:20 That thou shouldest take it to the bound thereof, and that thou shouldest know the paths to the house thereof?

38:21 Knowest thou it, because thou wast then born? or because the number of thy days is great? .


We must note the following points very carefully as the crust of today’s message.

(1) Job’s wife was not recorded in the continuing history of Job in the Bible.

(2) God asked the friends of Job to come to him with animals of sacrifice that he may intercede for them.( Job 42 : 7 -9)

(3) Job after the incarceration lived another 140 years and had seven sons and three daughters with multiplied prosperity. Read Job 42 : 16.“

The total years of Job was 210 years, for he was 70 when he was tempted.


Do not mock  the suffering man, because you.may not have the full genesis and the end result of the suffering.

Do not judge the dead openly, because you know  less except you are working by revelational power.

God has every purpose in all events. Some events are meant to bring glory to God.

Somewhere in scriptures Jesus cautioned that our flight should not be in winter. Therefore like in the case of Job,  if we suffer for righteousness sake it, will bring praise to God..

24:20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: (Matthew 24 : 20.).

4:15 But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters. (1 Peter 4 : 15).

My Prayer for you today:

May the Almighty God  bless you in this sermon.

May the Almighty suppress your adversaries in any suffering  or set back or sickness you may face in life. May every adversity bring praise to God in your life  Amen


Thank you for reading and sharing.

Miracle Valley  Sermon, 11th December , 2022.

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