September 8, 2021


In our current world,  we need to keep the flag higher of the  message of salvation, sent by revelation. Thanks to God for His people, who are carrying this fire from distant lands to meet people of diverse cultures speaking about the mind of God concerning His creatures on earth.

God’s mind centres on heaven and hell. It brings to light the issue of sin and righteousness. God spoke about consequences  of a sinnning life and the blessingss of heaven.

The reward for sin is hell, while the reward for an upright life is heaven. They are both choices.

From the Old Testament to the New Testament, God began to  speak about heaven and hell.

Heaven is mentioned 393 times in the O/T, and 268 times in the N/T.  Hell is mentioned 32 times in the O/T and 2t times in the N/T.

(Extract from King James Version of the Bible.)

Definitely the heart of God towards His creation is that they should be with Him in heaven. Of course an ugly situation is not what God wants to emphasise to His Children.

From the above extracts, the Bible  records  more times in scriptures about heaven , than it spoke of hell.

The heart throb of God is that His children should live with Him eternally and He emphasised the glory of  heaven severally in  scriptures, and the consequences of missing it.

We have heard,  we have read, about these two eternal lives :

(1)  to live in heaven eternally is  blissful and;

(2)  to live eternally in hell in great suffering.

These are   choices we  must make,  while we are alive. This is an  urgent message, because this event must happen at a time.

Christ spoke about this event and the signs.

Matt. Chapter 24 : 5 – 12. Read that carefully.

The disciples spoke about the coming of the end and the signs. Read 2 Timothy 3 : 1-7).

You can see why we must be  children of God.

We have no excuses. We experience the evidences and such prophetic words must not be set aside. Men must rise to the unfolding of this event. It could be late for many, who take their lives for granted and evade purity of life.

Today is a better time. We cannot say we never knew it. The devil does not want people to go to heaven. Note he was cast down from  heaven and he knows what he had lost.

He  is using highly placed people on this planet,  to manipulate the world to cnntimue to do what they like to do, which will deny them the grace of God  to go to heaven.

You should never be a casualty.

Let us continue to listen and to do those good things which were in aforetimes revealed through angels and today confirmed to us  by God through His Son and  the messengers that went before us.

Note this prayer and say it :

May it please You Lord  God, to accept my  services to You , as I live faithfully for You Amen.


Sermon from Miracle Valley Gospel Ministries last Sunday of August , 2021.


Website : www.mvgmng.org.