51 years Anniversary Celebration

Every Age We Attain Is Old Age!

We sometimes say someone is one year old or five years old or one hundred years ago. In each we add the word “OLD”
When we celebrate how old we are , we are not saying we are Methuselah who lived for 969 years.
Today I celebrate 51 Years of a walk with God. It is done in recognition of His faithfulness, protection, healing and general love shown to me and my loved ones that I should in my time see the goodness of God in me and people and thereby prove what He is in my own life. To celebrate Him who picked a rag like me to use and work in the world of men. To celebrate His grace that I should carry the golden message in print . videos and words to this great world where many are wallowing in sin and godlessness.
Will you join me today to note a book at this anniversary titled ” Never Known God This Way” ? The book will be serialized by my bosom friend and an upcoming aspiring God’s servant from my village Pastor Harold Ikewueze.
Come to Miracle Valley today at Covenant Bethel Umuele, if you are close by.
You will be richly blessed.

I never forgot to praise God with my talking drum during the anniversary service. ( Prof. P C Nnaocha).

At the 51 years anniversary of service to God, Pastor Harold Ikewueze serialized a book titled ” Never Known God this way ” written by Rev. Prof. P C Nnaocha to mark his 51 years anniversary at Miracle Valley Covenant Bethel Umuele IMO State Nigeria.