Miracle Valley Children’s Conference 2018

At the Miracle Valley Children’s Conference 2018 at  Covenant Bethel Miracle Valley Umuele in IMO State which is titled “Corruption the greatest sickness of the World” the teachers and Prof. P. C. Nnaocha flagged the banner “Kick Against Corruption”

At the conference cultural dance was not left out.

At the Children’s Conference students of Miracle Valley Comprehensive College and seminary came out with a debate ” It is possible to be rich without being Corrupt”. At the conference Rev. Prof. P. C. Nnaocha added a new word in the Webster Dictionary to describe Corruption. It came in two phases:
Mammoncankeracrimonism and another word ” Mammoncankeranimosism” These are obscure words. Visit Miracle Valley website as soon as next week to see the romance of the words negative to corruption. Visit:/www.mvgmng.org. The word tells us that corruption comes because of the drive for gain which could be money or anything like it. Mammon as a spirit is driven by corruption embedded by acrimony and or animosity, which can go all lengths in its drive as the master of greed, covetousness, murder, hate and the like.

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